Student Highlights Every Sentence In Useful Book

John Man, a philosophy student at Some University, recently learned every text on his reading list in one night and felt a real sense of achievement.

He explained how he was able to achieve this remarkable feat: “It started when I read this one great sentence full of meaning and knowledge, and I decided to highlight it,” he said. “But then I realised the sentence before it was kind of related and it also had great knowledge, so I highlighted that one too. But that earlier sentence had a couple more sentences before it, and they all seemed to be about the subject I was trying to learn so I highlighted away until I realised I had highlighted the whole page! I knew then that I must be learning.”

Man applies this unique approach to every book he reads. He doesn’t let concepts of ownership slow down his progress, either; he is happy to treat his own books the same as if he had borrowed them from a library, friend, or shop. “If I read something, I highlight it,” he explained. “This shows me that I have highlighted it, which allows me to see clearly what I don’t need to highlight anymore. I can get through a lot of text this way.”

He developed this dazzling method in the first week of his studies and has employed it to great effect all year. He is now excited to be sitting his final exams next month. “Just yesterday I bought a whole range of new highlighters for the exams. I think I will be ready for anything they throw at me.”

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  1. megamezzo says:

    Perfect Monday morning stuff, right back in my comfort zone – thank you!

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