Another Amazing Dad Joke Story

The Principal called two students into his office: Animation and Disbelief. “You’re both suspended,” he said.

Disbelief was skeptical.

Luckily there was a man standing on the principal who could explain. “I chose to suspend you,” he said. “I must stand on principle.”

The Principal remained seated. “I can’t stand sitting down.”

Animation was moved to speak. “I’ve been framed!” He could hardly stay still. “It’s just because I’m coloured, isn’t it?”

“Don’t get in such a state,” said the Principal. “We’re not framing you- we are just holding up your trousers.”

Disbelief wanted proof. “We have to suspend you, Disbelief,” said the Principal. “We won’t be able to keep this up if we don’t.”

Another student, Sentence, walked into the office. “Don’t blame them, sir, blame me! I should be suspended instead.”

“My goodness,” said the standing man. “If another kid comes in we’ll have a fourth to suspend!”

“We need to resolve as quickly as possibly,” said the Principal. “The tension is unbearable.”

“The wheels are in motion,” said Animation. “This suspension is tiring me.”

Sentence took issue with the suspension. “Clauseless!” He said.

“That isn’t enough, Sentence,” said the Principal.

Animation was busy miming a battle. It was a little passive aggressive.

Sentence tried to hide behind a burqa of irony, but it was too thick; nobody understood.

“I’m on a never-ending quest for exponential growth,” he said.

The Principal tried to calm down the situation. “It’s important that we take simple steps, onward and upward. We don’t want this to escalate any further.”

Just then, Situation actually walked in. “What a comedy!”

“Now we have a fourth! That’s just perfect,” cried the Principal.

Situation was upset. “What are you going to do about the boy that used to be a creta?” The Principal was quick to reply. “What, you mean the ex-creta? We’re expelling him.”

Disbelief used Sentence to criticise Situation for having started the whole affair.

“But if we suspended Situation,” said the Principal,

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