Man Captures Gist Of Fascinating Documentary


John Man, lawyer and coffee cosy connoisseur, tried to describe a fascinating documentary to his friends at a party the other night.

“I think I captured the gist of it,” he said, “so that’s another night well spent for me.”

Man spoke for ages, trying to convey the insightful theories that had been so convincingly narrated to him against a backdrop of brilliantly edited stock footage and award-winning cinematography. “I must have mentioned a dozen times how some study suggests something,” he said, “so there were clearly facts involved. It was so fascinating.”

Friends tried to listen attentively, though many did struggle to remember what the documentary was about. “I was quite drunk,” said one friend, “so that must be why I can’t remember what the hell he was talking about. It definitely sounded meaningful, I’m sure of it.”

Based on the polite attention he received from friends and strangers, Man was reasonably sure that everybody at the party was as amazed by the documentary as he was. “People were fascinated,” he said. “They kept asking me questions like ‘what do you mean’ and ‘what did that study actually say’ and ‘what does that have to do with anything’ and so on. It was a real talking point!”

Man enjoyed talking about it so much that sources say he probably could have talked about it all night. However, he abruptly changed the subject when a new guest arrived who turned out to have a PhD in whatever the documentary was about.

“We had basically covered everything by that stage,” said Man, “so I let the conversation move on. I didn’t want to bore everyone, you know.”

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