Man Proud of Himself For Voting


John Man, potential astronaut and watcher of advertisements, was extremely impressed with himself after managing to get out of bed early enough to vote in the recent election.

“It’s just so great that I voted,” he said, smiling. “I put my mark in that box and I gave myself a little treat afterwards.”

Man is a great believer in the democratic process, so we asked him whether he had tried to convince any of his friends or family to vote as well. “What? No, I’m just talking about myself,” he said, patting himself on the back. “I voted, and that’s great for the country.”

Man says he was very proud to have contributed in the electoral process and is satisfied that his voice could possibly be heard if it isn’t unceremoniously ignored completely.

When the results came through, Man was proud that a decision was made. “It’s such a relief! For a minute I thought we would descend into anarchy. Thankfully, I voted, so that didn’t happen.”

Though he was disappointed that his preferred party did not win, he was more than satisfied to think that when they threw his vote in the bin, it was still his. “Why should every voice count when mine might?” he asked.

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