Daniel Radcliffe Leaves Harry Potter Behind Him

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe may have charmed audiences as Harry Potter, but he has reportedly been seen leaving Harry Potter behind him. Sources report that he woke up this morning and went about his day without playing Harry Potter even once.

“I’ll admit, at first I thought I was still pretending to be the boy wizard,” he said. “But then I remembered that I am no longer being employed by Warner Brothers to portray that role. Due to the passage of time, I have left it behind me.”

Daniel Radcliffe won early fame for playing the role of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films based on the Harry Potter books. In the films, he played the character of Harry Potter, the eponymous Boy Wizard from whom the series derives it’s distinctive name of Harry Potter, the character he played.

“It was tough, but I had to leave it behind me,” he said. “After the last Harry Potter film was released, in which I played Harry Potter, I was like, how am I going to play Harry Potter after this? I probably can’t! So I acted in like a dozen other films and TV shows and stage plays and musicals and comedy sketches and things like that.”

In another stunning move, Daniel Radcliffe announced that he will be soon be playing a different character in another film about other things. The internet went into overdrive.

“Harry!!!!” said one commentator.

“When people age, I notice,” said someone on Twitter.

“Daniel Radcliffe was Harry Potter once but isn’t anymore,” said another, generating a heated discussion about what had occurred.

Daniel is reportedly keen to continue leaving the role of Harry Potter behind him. “In a way, that’s all I can do, because that series of films ended some time ago.”

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