24 Great Excuses For Not Practising The Violin

Practising the violin is hard. It can be so hard that half the time you don’t even want to do it, and the other half of the time you accidentally don’t do it enough, or at all.

Sometimes you will need to give your teacher an excuse for why you haven’t practised, and if so, we have your back.

Here are twenty-four great excuses to tell your teacher when you haven’t practised:


1) I heard that strings wear out the more you play them, and I’m trying to save them for my recital.

2) It was too nice outside so I went and drank Pimms.

3) I kept on accidentally leaving my violin at school overnight and then not going back to get it the next day.

4) I just couldn’t find the Josh Bell recording of my piece.

5) My string broke. Do you have one?

6) Some performances are so boring and I think it is because people don’t leave anything to chance anymore.

7) I was so broke that I had to work a minimum wage job so I could go clubbing.

8) I didn’t want to start learning my new piece until you had given me a lesson. You are a genius.

9) Also, thanks for the new string. The problem is, no one was around to change them for me, so…

10) I don’t even know if Josh Bell recorded this piece, actually.

11) I don’t have any hair left on my bow so I couldn’t practise but I didn’t want to waste my day going to the rehairer so I couldn’t practise, so that’s why I didn’t practise.

12) I ran out of Pimms.

13) All those fingerings you gave me in the last lesson were great, but I didn’t write them down, or remember them, or use them once. They were great, though. Can I have them again?

14) I left my music on the bus, and it drove away.

15) Sally and I are preparing for the same audition, and she told me I didn’t even need to practise.

16) I stubbed my pinky on my bed. My toe pinky. It really hurt.

17) I couldn’t find the right clothes to practise in for the day. Nothing felt like me.

18) Have you met Josh Bell? I haven’t.

19) My pianist had RSI.

20) Also, I’m deeply afraid that if I actually practise as much as you say I might not get much better and the fragile edifice of self-confidence I have carefully built upon the fertile bed of my perpetually unrealised dreams will shatter into a million worthless pieces.

21) Netflix.

22) Would you like me to make you some Pimms? It will be a generous gift.

23) You know, Sally told me that Josh Bell isn’t even that good.

24) Google didn’t have the right edition.



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  1. eloisehellyer says:

    Great post! Hope my students don’t see it!!! What’s RSI?

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