Man Committed To Uninformed Generalisation

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John Man, CEO of Knob Polishers Inc., recently revealed one of his best and most uninformed generalisations while chatting to a group of friends. He was astonished to find that their responses were quite critical, almost as if they thought something different to him.

“I expected everyone to fall in love with my opinion just as blindly as I have,” said Man. “Did I say opinion? I meant my willful disregard of nuance, detail, and/or facts.”

Man is usually so busy that he only has enough time to think the opinions he already has and can’t really see the point of developing new ones. “I work very hard,” he said, polishing a knob. “It’s great that I can always rely on my consistent and uninformed generalisations about things, like people.”

After commenting unfavourably about some issue, Man found that quite a few people responded with logical counter arguments, thought-provoking evidence, and most importantly, the sort of detail and perspective that would normally lead to understanding.

“Yeah what was all that about?” asked Man. “I have my opinion already, and I absolutely stand by it. Also there is an extraordinary knob on that door behind you; let me polish it for a moment.”

Man’s friends were somewhat disappointed to hear his comments. “I just wish he would consider the facts,” said one. “For example, a fact might be something like ‘one metre consists of a hundred centimetres’ or ‘Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo’, or even ‘Man spends most of his time polishing knobs’. These are all good examples of facts.”

Man had a ready reply to this. “Well, it’s just as they say: you can never have enough knob to polish.”

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