Milly The Millstone And Her Big Dream

One day, Milly the Millstone was smashing wheat for the mill. “Gosh I am tired,” said Milly. “All day everyday, smashing wheat. What a hard life! What I really need is to get away from my daily grind. I need to attach myself to something better. What I really need to find is a neck.”

Milly looked everywhere for someone who would give their neck to her, so that she could tie herself to it and escape the unending demands of the mill.

She asked everyone for their neck, but no one was interested.

She asked the priest for his neck, but he was too occupied with spiritual matters. “Grain is not of my concern, except when I eat it.”

She asked the scholar for his neck, but he was too busy learning. “Grain is not of my concern, except when my I study the history of mills and what it Means.”

She asked the politician for his neck, but he was too busy making speeches and laws. “Grain is not of my concern, except when the people want it.”

Finally she asked the People for their neck. They were keen to help her, hoisted a fine rope around their necks and lifted with all their might to get Milly out of the mill.

“Nothing could be better than this,” they said. “Soon we will all be free!”

The priest, the scholar, and the politician were all upset. “Grain is the most important thing there is! Without it we may all starve!”

The people heaved, until finally Milly was free. There was joy throughout the land.

Milly was so happy, she showered thanks on her liberators, and tried to hug them. Unfortunately, being a millstone, all she managed to do was crush her friends into a bloody paste. “Oh no!” she said. “I do not fit in amongst the People. Every time I try to reach out I end up accidentally grinding them into a thick, fleshy compote full of limbs and brains.”

The people revolted. “Abandon Milly! She will destroy us all!”

But Milly could not leave. “But, I am attached to your neck, forever!”

Soon, everybody was dead.

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