This Classical Musician Has Taylor Swift On His iPod!

John Man is a professional classical musician, which means he spends a lot of time doing classical-musiciany things. Presumably this includes wearing frilly clothes, taking turns around rooms, and of course, listening to nothing but classical music on his iPod.

“Classical musicians listen to classical music on iPods,” said Commentator Bob. “Everyone knows that.”

Recently, in a high profile interview designed to advertise some upcoming concerts in your area, Man revealed the contents of his iPod to journalists: “I never leave the house without the the complete cantatas of Bach and all the symphonies of Mozart,” he said. “Oh, and of course, Taylor Swift’s classic album, 1989.”

Commentator Bob was astonished. “I’m not sure I understand. I thought you said he was a classical musician, but now you say he has a Taylor Swift album on his iPod? I am definitely going to have to buy a ticket to his concert because now I am so interested.”

Other people also expressed an interest in Man’s concerts after hearing about his extraordinary iPod. “When I saw a photo of just another classical musician smiling playfully in a wind tunnel I didn’t think much of it,” said Mr Sniffles, keen concert-goer. “But then I learned that this guy actually has some sick beats on his iPod. But he’s a classical musician…pop music…how can this be!?”

Apparently, Man listens to the music on his iPod using his ears. We found a scientist who was able to explain this to us. “It is almost certain that anyone alive today with functioning ears will able to listen to any music written between any time ever and right now,” said Betsy McNetsy, scientist. “In one sense, there is nothing interesting or surprising about this at all.”

Commentator Bob was pleased to be still talking about Man’s iPod. “What is most impressive about this is how I expected him to have one sort of music on his iPod but I was surprised when I discovered he had other sorts of music on his iPod,” he said. “Let me explain…”

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