Talented Musician Is Next Big Thing

John Man, a talented young musician currently studying at Talented Musician School, is being reported as the Next Big Thing.

“I recently won The Prize,” he said. “This is partly why I am the Next Big Thing.”

Journalists and pundits were happy to talk about Man’s Big Thing. We spoke to Bob Guy, whose job consists of little else. “When Man won The Prize, that allowed me to write The Articles,” he said. “That’s what I do.”

Audiences were also excited. “What a Story!” they said. “First he studied at the Talented Musician School, and then he won The Prize. That is interesting the way that happened.”

Some were unimpressed with Man and his Big Thing. “I don’t understand,” said Sally McNally. “He’s just very good at doing a thing. I expect more.”

Man himself was reportedly excited to be the Next Big Thing. “Compared to me,” he said, “other musicians are just Things. This makes me happy.”

Stay tuned for more details, such as photos of Man in musical poses.

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