15 Ways To Win At Orchestra

Playing in an orchestra can be fun, but it can also be very tricky. There are so many things to remember, like when and where you will need your instrument, for example. Sometimes it can all be a bit disorienting.

Here at Throwcase, we have you covered; after consulting many of the best and brightest musicians in the industry, we have come up with a simple list of things you can do to get the most out of your orchestral experience.

1. Before the start of the rehearsal, sit in someone else’s chair and casually look over their score. It needs to be someone who sits in a higher desk than you; that way, they will know you are onto them.

2. Tune really quickly so you can then play a bit of the concerto you are working on. Make sure it’s one of the famous parts, but not one of the difficult parts.

3. Laugh at other people’s mistakes. This will make it very clear that you never make mistakes.

4. Make sure you reach forward really fast to turn the pages, especially if that’s not your job.

5. Keep playing after the conductor has stopped, so that everyone knows you have learned your part. It takes a long time to learn parts.

6. Don’t write any of the conductor’s bowings, articulations, or dynamics in your score. You are smart enough to remember them.

7. If you forget the bowings, articulations, and dynamics, just do what you think is best. You have better ideas anyway.

8. If you have to write in your score, just circle something. The more circles you use, the better.

9. When sight-reading, just play louder than everyone else.

10. If in doubt, just play louder than everyone else.

11. Make fun of the concertmaster. You can really let rip here; you will never have that job yourself so no-one will ever be able to see how you would do it.

12. Complain to your desk partner about the conductor’s instructions. It’s not that you can’t do them, it’s just that they’re stupid. Right?

13. Challenge the conductor. Everyone will be impressed, and this will not only help the rehearsal, it will help your career.

14. Make sure you know the dress code so you can break it just a little bit. Music all about creativity, pushing boundaries, and not owning black socks.

15. After the concert, stay back and practise in the green room. The concert may be over, but your best work is about to begin.

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