Nando’s Meal Much Less Cheeky Than Expected 

John Man, civilian of repute, was reportedly disappointed after he went to have a cheeky Nando’s and found that it was not cheeky in any way.

“I just wanted a cheeky Nando’s,” he said ruefully. “What I got was more of a subdued, compliant Nando’s. That’s not the type of Nando’s I like.”

Man explained that his friends decided to ‘get a cheeky Nandos’ after one of them eagerly said “why don’t we get a cheeky Nandos?” and all of the others agreed to such an evening, so full of potential cheekiness. In the end, the cheekiness of the meal left a lot to be desired.

“Sure, the chicken was fine and everything,” said Sally McNally, “but it didn’t display any sort of banter or irreverent puckishness at all, it just sort of sat there being eaten. How is that cheeky? That’s actually sort of sad.”

Bob Guy was also disappointed with the amount of cheekiness on offer. “When Sally proposed that we get a cheeky Nando’s I could hardly wait to see what sort of ribald tomfoolery or playful iconoclasm my particular plate of chicken breast would get up to,” he said. “But…nothing.”

Asked if he found any of the other components of his meal cheeky, such as the soft drink, chips, or even the little bit of salad on the side, Man was disappointed to report that these items were also severely lacking in cheekiness. “It’s almost as if, by definition, none of these objects could in any reasonable way be described as cheeky,” he said, “because it is just some stuff from a shop. What a load of bollocks.”


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