10 Things Modern Violinist Loved About HIPster Gig

Betsy Bobbin is an excellent run of the mill violinist, possibly the best. Recently she played Baroque violin for the first time with an edgy group of young musicians known as HIPsters. They are so named because they play Baroque music, which is HIP.

Bobbin reportedly had a great time, so we asked her to describe ten of her favourite things about this experience:

1) I didn’t even know you could play some of this background music in real concerts. Some of it’s very good!

2) It was exhilarating living on the edge, knowing your string could snap off at any time. The standard repertoire just can’t offer those sorts of thrills.

3) At first it was hard to fit in, but then I realised I just had to say the magic word “Quantz.” I had to say it a lot, actually, but it really made me one of the gang.

4) Normally I’m not very outgoing or popular, but here I was the life of the party! People were hanging on my every word. Though, I use the word ‘party’…

5) It was great knowing that if I made a really horrible mistake, I could just say “these false relations are so beautiful!”

6) No one expected me to play in tune. In fact, they were usually impressed when I didn’t. They would say things like “ooh, trying on some Pythagorean, eh?”

7) It was so cool to finally be able to play in a “band”!

8) They kept talking about “the thesis,” so I guess that’s like their Bible. Though, I’m not sure if any of them have actually read it; they just kept asking each other “have you read the thesis?”

9) It was a relief that I didn’t have to use my entire bow on every single note. Though, my teacher Dmitri Dmitriovsky would be appalled if he found out…

10) The dress code was interesting! I still don’t know where all these people are sourcing black potato sacks from…

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