Musician Has Great Time At Networking Event

John Man, classical musician and super great guy, recently attended a networking event. At first he did not know what such a thing was or what it could be for, but by the end of the night, he was quite tired. He reportedly had a great time.

“Oh it was superb,” he said, “especially the networking part of it. It was definitely all the networking that made the night what it was.”

Man was invited to the event by someone with a great website who also had some sort of grand project in mind, the precise nature of which sadly never became clear. “It sure did sound very interesting,” said Man, trying to remember exactly what it was that was being launched or curated or given an intellectual reach-around. “My ears pricked up when he said how much he wanted to ‘scale’ it, and of course that is a musical term, so I was happy to explain that to him. I’m sure he would have kept listening to me if he didn’t choose instead to rush off quickly.”

Although he enjoyed the evening, Man suspected that he might have had a better time if he had brought business cards with him or if he even had any business cards in the first place or if he had the social skills required to prattle on endlessly about some fucking thing. “Mostly when I talk I try to make sure that what I say is about something,” he said. “I sure do have a lot to learn.”

We spoke to one of the other attendees, Bob Guy, who said it was possibly the best networking event he had attended that week. “You can trust what I say because I am on the board of directors,” he said. “I can’t remember exactly what board that is or what it is we direct, but I am definitely involved in a crucial way.”

His wife eagerly agreed. “You can indeed trust what he says, especially because he won’t let you do anything else.”

Man smiled, although he could not be certain whether he was smiling out happiness, sympathy, or a compelling sense of herd mentality. “I am sure that deep down I was as happy to be there as everybody else,” he said.

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  1. eloisehellyer says:

    You have just put your finger on a big problem – the great conservatories turn people into musicians and then these innocents find themselves out on the street, thinking music is art when it’s actually ALSO business and they aren’t in the least prepared. Survival of the fittest, whatever that means in this case…..

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