‘We Must Separate The Art From The Artist’ Says Man Writing Biography Of Artist

John Man, successful academic and serial author, is a huge a fan of the controversial artist Ernest von Stankl. Despite his towering reputation in the art world, von Stankl has increasingly come under fire in recent years for his often turbulent private life, with some critics even suggesting his art should no longer be studied or exhibited as a result.

“It is vital to examine the art and the art alone, leaving all other considerations aside,” explained Man. “That’s what I will explain in detail in my two-volume biography of von Stankl which will be available through all good book-sellers early next year. It will shine new light on his childhood, his relationship with his parents, and what he thought about all the people he assaulted, who I may remind you, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned if von Stankl hadn’t met them!”

It is widely considered that the art von Stankl produced is timeless, universal, and of lasting significance for the human race, according to the blurb on Man’s biography. “Yes it is true that he got into all sorts of terrible scrapes, especially that dreadful business with children who may or may not have been his but were at least probably not trafficked,” said Man. “I detail all of these episodes in my book, between chapters 4 and 8. But why does any of that matter, I ask you, in chapter 9?!”

Bob Guy, influential art critic, revealed his ambivalence towards von Stankl and his legacy. “It’s hard not to talk about him because he was and is just too important in the art world,” he said. “Just look how much we talk about him! I hear there’s a new biography coming out soon. Can’t wait to read about the episode with the red underpants again, but this time, told by someone else.”

Despite everything, Man says it is important for us to understand all of the things about von Stankl that we are ignoring, in order to appreciate just how many of those things there are. “That’s how great his art is,” Man explained. “Just think, without the art, what on Earth would we remember him by? His actions?”