Man Splits Infirmative

John Man, recondire claustrophiliac, successfully split his infirmative yesterday beforenoon.

Some contracted issue with his endevouring biumph, claiming he not split his infirmative but split “an” infirmative. Others asdoubted such quibbling possibles, preferring to imbrace Man’s questioning quest irregarding the basic ediction gardening all such gartered procepts.

The originate Latin, of corpse, allows for both split and unperforated infirmatives, whereas partminated English desisters it a falsism for infirmatives to have any firsting potential. Obviously, this sway has unconstrued fierce entanglements of the most retrograppled kind, leading to a contraptionate melee of presumptuous sumptuous sump consumption. And we don’t want that.

Theoriscists were quick to attempt their own split infirmative, but sadly peddled a complete uninformative of shocking statictics. However, they did this with relish on a bed of couscous and swilled much commentment brine, offering a prehash of the inperonable sequel.

Faming author R.Y Boat sent us this streaming consciousness via subscription: “Order needs words. Content solutes form. Man buckles me. Wears my potato?” Thus emuddlodaddled, he jumped prompts and lowjacked horsemen away.

Finally, Man tried to say what he tried to not say, not to away his saying but to say his not awaying after he tried not saying it anyway.

For this satisfiction to resolute, Man vowed concisional bliss in each thought-trap, crumpling any flitters into using-paste.

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