Sally McNally’s Hot Singer Tips: What To Wear For Your Audition

Sally McNally is highly trained person, full of experience and abilities. We asked her to give us some tips on what a singer should wear for an audition. Here is what she said:

Sally McNally’s Hot Singer Tips

With Sally McNally

Hi I’m Sally McNally. I have a few simple tips for all you young singers out there on how you can best dress yourself for auditions. Do what I say and your life will be better.

For the ladies, it is very simple. Make sure you pick something with colour because audition panels will see a lot of black and navy, and you want to stand out. But don’t go for red as that’s the other colour they might see a lot. Possibly not yellow either, but it depends. Whatever you choose, make it vibrant but palatable. And make sure it is a colour that works with your skin tone. It shouldn’t clash with your skin colour or wash you out but should also not look dull, but it should also express your identity as a singer.

Your dress shouldn’t be strappy or sleeveless but also it shouldn’t show any sweat marks. Make sure it is flattering but not too tight. Modest but not totally boring. Classy leading lady but not showing off to the gallery. If your audition is in the day then wear a day dress but make sure it is not too informal because auditions are serious and if you get a call back you will probably need to sing in the evening so whatever day dress you find should have just enough of an evening dress vibe about to be not exclusively a day dress. If your audition is in the evening then wear a more formal dress, but make it look like it is your second-best dress, so long as it is good enough to look like all of your competitor’s best dresses, because you are the sort of singer that doesn’t need to go all out for an audition, but you take it seriously enough to know that your second-best option is going to look like it is going all out for an audition, but it isn’t.

The dress should definitely not be long, for the same reason, but also not short, for different reasons. You don’t want to look slutty or imply that you are just a little girl; this is all about asserting your womanly power and independence, but in a tasteful way that appeals to everyone.

Definitely wear jewellery, like a woman does. Make sure your jewellery matches your dress, so if you don’t have the funds to buy more jewellery then make sure your dress matches as much of the jewellery that you already have as you possibly can, as this will maximise your options. #Lifehack

And remember, the dress doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you go for something too cheap it might fall apart overnight, so aim for something expensive enough to look like it is cheaper than what should have paid for it, because not only do you have great taste in clothes but you are a shrewd businesswoman as well, and a good singer, with a nice dress.

Now, for the men: buy a suit.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Sally McNally


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  • January 11, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    This isn’t just a problem for singers – it’s everywoman’s problem. My husband couldn’t understand why I got upset when an airline lost my suitcase. I had all the perfect clothes perfectly matched with the perfect intimates and the perfect accessories. Unreplaceable. My husband’s suitcase was lost, too. He just went out and bought a suit and a couple of shirts. Sigh. Of course, men do have the tie problem which I believe the author of this blog knows something about – perhaps a post on picking the perfect tie for sartorially challenged tenors????

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