Violinist Confused When Everyone Turns Up To Quartet Rehearsal 

Awkwardly putting away his Paganini Caprice while saying “wow, you made it”, John Man, lead violinist of the Accessible And Relevant Quartet, was apparently pleased to see his three colleagues arrive on time for their latest rehearsal.

“I’m so pleased to see you all at the place and time we agreed to meet for professional reasons,” he said, trying to mask a deeper sense of confusion. “Did you not have a sudden, unexpected doctor’s appointment today, Sally?”

Sally McNally, long-time cellist, was glad to report that she did not. “Well, I did, but it was cancelled. Good thing I didn’t tell you about it before it was cancelled, hey? Hahaha.”

Man then turned to Bob Guy, erstwhile second violinist and part time social media officer. “But Bob, did you not miss your bus even though it was the last possible bus you could catch to get here on time and you know from every other day in your life that there is always more traffic than you think there will be when you get the bus?” Bob Guy admitted that he did catch that type of bus, but actually thought the rehearsal started one hour earlier. “Well I guess I’m here now,” he muttered.

Man then turned to the violist, Betsy McNetsy, and suddenly remembered that Betsy is actually always on time. “Of course I am on time,” said Betsy. “It’s a great way to be noticed.”

Latest reports suggest that Man’s happiness was short-lived, as he soon realised that it was only Betsy who had practised any of the music for their upcoming concert featuring difficult, underplayed works of the Soviet era. Sally McNally was confused. “But I feel like we should always learn everything together,” she said. “Isn’t that why we have these rehearsals?”

3 thoughts on “Violinist Confused When Everyone Turns Up To Quartet Rehearsal 

  • January 4, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    When I said you should write about string players, I certainly didn’t mean you should exalt VIOLISTS! Or did your lovely fiancee have something to do with this?????? Levity aside, well said. I can’t talk about quartets but I know of a lot of semi-professional orchestra players who arrive late and unprepared. Sometimes my students, too. It drives me crazy.

  • January 10, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    This website gives me life.

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