Read About This Amazing Pianist And Also Live Vicariously Through Him

Wow! What a pianist. This guy has everything: a phenomenal technique, a natural sense of musicality, a nice suit…what more could you ask for? It is not very often you can enjoy listening to a performer as captivating as John Man, especially one that you can also live through vicariously because he is a perfect vessel for your dreams.

Not only has Man slaved away at his instrument for thousands of hours to develop a highly refined set of skills, he has also made it seem like you could have done that too without you having to do it really because he did it instead. One moment he is winning this competition, the next he is playing that famous concerto; he truly is a great hypothetical version of yourself in another life.

Man first came to prominence when he performed in a big concert at Carnegie Hall, symbolising the sort of dreams you have about playing in a big concert at Carnegie Hall.

After that famous concert, it has been smooth sailing for Man. He has been travelling around the world, doing things you would have done if you were him as he was doing them, such as playing the piano brilliantly. Who knows what future triumphs Man will have that you can also have from a distance? Only time will tell.

Some dreams burn so brightly they make magic happen, such as Man’s dream to be a concert pianist, and, on a similar level, your own dream to feel like Man is a concert pianist the way you would be if you were that.

We spoke to Man about his extraordinary musical career and he was happy to tell us just how much he loved it. “This is all I have ever wanted to do,” you said.