Are You A Successful Freelancer Or Just The Horse From Animal Farm?

In this modern day and age, it is easy to get confused and perhaps a little worried about all the amazing new things that are happening to the economy; this is understandable. Things are changing and maybe you have some questions about your place in the new world order. For example, one of those questions might be: am I a successful freelancer or just the horse from Animal Farm?

“Whenever some work of mine is unceremoniously cancelled and I am left without a batch of income I was depending on,” said John Man, a freelancer, “I wonder if there is something wrong with the system. But then I remember that I am actually Boxer, the enormous work-horse from George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm, and all my problems must be due to a fault in myself. The solution is for me to work harder.”

Man says he is very grateful for the privilege he has been given by such a wonderful society, one that bravely dispensed with many of those terrible slave-like conditions of the past, such as a dependable salary, sick-leave, and secure, lifelong employment. “What an awful situation that was,” he said. “We must never go back. Even if I get tired or weak from exhaustion, I must remember that I am lucky to be in charge of my own destiny. It is up to me to work harder.”

Others agreed fully with Man, saying that it is vital for those with a desperate need for income and only sporadic means of earning it to be denied any type of safety net or security of any kind. “I run a huge business that costs me money,” said Bob Guy, owner. “It really helps me to just get all my labour done by people too afraid to make a fuss. If they do, I just hire some other desperate freelancer. I have saved so much money this way.”

Man used to think that his career was an excellent example of the way entrepreneurs can succeed by venturing forth on their own. “But then I realised that I’m a fictional horse designed to represent the Russian working class,” he explained, “those who were sold the idea of a better future only to have it used against them by an uncaring state that only looked after its own interests.”

Thankfully, one of the intelligent pigs in charge was able to help us understand the situation. “Our leader, the free market, has stated categorically that you have no value on your own. You must find it in us! It is we who decide who is successful and who is not. Keep working!”

“The free market is always right,” said Man. “I must work harder.”