As A Tenor, I Love Listening To Great Singers Who Aren’t Also Tenors My Age

Hi. I’m Max Tenor. I am ready to slay the world with my great singing. Is there anything better than the beautiful sound of a talented singer? That’s something I often say when introducing myself.

I just love singing, and I love singers. I admire all types of singers, really…except for other tenors who are roughly my age. Other tenors are never as good as people say they are. If you have the time, or if you don’t, I’ll happily explain all that to you.

My favourite singers are the really famous ones everyone likes. I even like a couple of the ones who aren’t so famous, especially if that’s because they were famous a long time ago but not now. You know, the sort you bring up in the middle of a conversation to show off your credentials because you know so much.

Singers of that calibre all have a few things in common: artistic integrity, fantastic technique, and not being in direct competition with me because they are older than me or dead. But anyone who happens to be my age auditioning for the same roles as me…well, that’s a whole other level.

When I hear people say that other tenors my age are good, it’s almost enough to make me give up. Anyone would feel the same, if they were me. The only reason to be good at a thing is to be the best at that thing; I could do so many other things, you know. That’s the type of person Max Tenor is.

Often I see other people getting gigs instead of me, and I honestly have no idea how or why that could  ever happen. It’s so frustrating! That’s something I have definitely covered in my memoirs.

But…don’t get me wrong, I love supporting my colleagues. I am always ready to compliment another singer so long as they are good, friendly, and will never get to sing one of my roles professionally  instead of me because they are not tenors who are roughly my age. After all, there is always me.