I’m Not Late; I’m Whimsical

You won’t believe this, but when I left my house I really thought I had enough time to get here before the rehearsal started, but I didn’t! I’m so sorry I am this whimsical. I am always getting into scrapes.

What’s that? You think I should have known how far away my house is from the place where I regularly work? Well of course I know that. It would be absurd not to know that!

Yes I know the rehearsal started quite a while ago and I am only just arriving, but actually I did get halfway here only to realise I was going the wrong way! It turns out I was half way to somewhere else. What a problem I have directly caused others! But in my defence I was pretty close to that place, you know; perhaps we could rehearse there instead?

Oh yes, I absolutely understand that I am late. Not to worry, though; that sort of thing just doesn’t matter to me. Sometimes I say it matters so I fit in, but you are right, I should probably stop trying to fit in. After all, I have all those unique and charming traits to consider.

Gosh, am I really unaware of how time works? It seems that I am! How quirky.

Of course I have Google Maps and CityMapper and my mother’s approval, that’s true. But I also have my deep-seated inability to learn from any of the things that ever happen to me, especially things that are the direct result of my own actions, for example chaos and frustration. You could say that I just wouldn’t be me if I were different!

Anyway, it’s all fine in the end because I apologised. In fact, it was one of my best apologies; I know that because I now feel completely absolved and self-satisfied. What a whimsical thing I habitually do!