For Me, When I Play, I Make My Performance About The Music, Not Me

People ask me, just why are you such a brilliant musician, and when can I hear you play? And I always say it’s because I remove my ego from the artistic process and simply act as a conduit for the heavenly message of art, which you can see for yourself at one of my upcoming concerts (please refer to my personal website.) If you book early you will receive a signed photo of myself, along with a satchel of jams and pastes from the town where I grew up.

It is a misconception that audiences want to be swayed and enchanted by the charismatic allure of a unique personality. Nothing could be more vulgar than making a concert all about yourself, especially if people have paid to watch you do that. Provided you show that you have the gifts to channel the music, there is no need to be showy at all.

After all, a performer is just a channel for the art, which is title of my most viewed article on my website and also my Instagram account and my Facebook artist page and my Twitter account. If you subscribe now you can get daily summaries of all my dreams; paying subscribers also get free symbolic analysis.

One of the mistakes a lot of young artists make is trying to make their performances all about themselves, which is one of they reasons they don’t do well. If they just corrected this inherent personal defect of theirs, they would do better. And they can do that by not thinking about themselves or how they need to change in order to improve. They just need to think about the music!

It’s vital that you transcend your ego. Any musician who makes it all about themselves is not only tasteless, they are also committing a crime against the noblest values of art according to me. That’s what I say in my one thousand page book: All My Opinions I’ve Ever Had On How To Play Just Like Me, available from all good bookstores. With this book, you too can learn to bring out the inherent qualities of a piece of music so well that you make it uniquely your own, the way I do.

As I always say, it is vitally important that we try to get beyond our personal circumstances, try to move past the things that divide us and separate us, try to embrace the universal, healing power of art. Especially mine.